IT Tender Management

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Hiring an outsourcing provider for your software project takes you less than 15 minutes!

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» IT Tender Management

Our aim is to quickly fill your resource demand, with the minimum administrative overhead

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You will find the best fitting provider for yourself and your project

» Outsourcing of software projects

Responsibilities:	Taking over full project responsibility within agreed boundary, Development of the project plan in close cooperation with the client

It is safe

We can rate the providers for you

» Local Global Sourcing

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It assures quality

You can rely on our tools and knowledge

» pliXos IT-Outsourcing products

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It pays off

You can save up to 60% off the costs of your SW-project

» Reducing costs

Compentencies - Situation analysis and project preparation: Outsourcing Strategy Consulting

It's without problems

We can sort them out for you

» Situation analysis

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