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Marco Kuhrmann, Daniel Mendez Fernandez, Matthias Groeber. Towards Artifact Models as Process Interfaces in Distributed Software Projects. In Proceedings of 8th Intl. Conference on Global Software Engineering (ICGSE 2013), IEEE, 2013.
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Abstract-Much effort has been spent to investigate the organization of distributed teams and their collaboration patterns. It is, however, not fully understood to which extent and how agile software processes are feasible to support distributed software projects. Practices and challenges that arise from the demands for communication are often in scope of current research. Still, it remains unclear what is necessary to monitor a project and to track its progress from a management perspective. A solution is to monitor projects and their progress on basis of the current quality of the created artifacts according to a given reference model that defines the artifacts and their dependencies. In this paper, we present an artifact model for agile methods that results from of a systematic literature review. The contribution serves as an empirically grounded definition of process interfaces to coordinate projects and to define exchanged artifacts while abstracting from the diverse local software processes.

Index Terms-agile methods; artifact model; distributed projects; software process interface; project management